Anne Bromer has written a short essay on her recollections about Edward Gorey, with whom she had a professional and friendly relationship for almost twenty years. The Bromers published two miniature books written and illustrated by Gorey, as well as several other smaller projects, and they built a substantial personal collection of his works. The stories Anne shares have been published and nicely illustrated by our friends at the Edward Gorey House on their blog. 

You can view the blog post here. We hope that you will take a moment to read about this talented man in the words of someone who knew him personally.

Huxley deluxe and trade editionsANNOUNCING AN IMPORTANT BIBLIOGRAPHY

We are very proud to present Aun Aprendo: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Writings of Aldous Leonard Huxley, the most current and comprehensive descriptive bibliography of Aldous Huxley's works ever produced. It describes the first appearances of Huxley's works in the English language and identifies many previously unrecorded contributions to books, pamphlets, and periodicals.

The deluxe edition is limited to 50 numbered copies signed by the bibliographer, 40 of which are for sale. It includes a previously unpublished poem by Huxley dedicated to his first wife Maria and is presented in bright yellow cloth with a blue leather label on the spine in the manner of the British deluxe edition of Brave New World.

To learn more about the deluxe edition and to order, click here.

A trade edition of 400 copies is available through Oak Knoll Press.

Read a review of Aun Aprendo by Brian Cassidy here.


In 1977 the first book bearing our imprint was published. Our goal was to produce a private press edition in miniature format. The Butterfly's Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast, was a success and sold out on publication. During the next twelve years, we published a total of eleven letterpress printed miniature books and three miniature manuscripts.

In 1984, Richard Bigus designed and printed the first detailed book about printing on vellum under our imprint. Each copy of The Mystique of Vellum includes a parchment specimen. In 2000, Strings Attached, Dorothy Abbe, Her Work and WAD, by Anne Bromer was published jointly by the Boston Public Library and the Society of Printers. The book is available at its original price of $75.00, most of the proceeds benefiting the Library.

Below are details of our publications in chronological order, noting the publication price for books in print. Out of print books become available from time to time. Check our inventory for specific titles.

1977 Miniature THE BUTTERFLY'S BALL AND THE GRASSHOPPER'S FEAST, by William Roscoe. Illustrated with original wood engravings by Sarah Chamberlain. This is Chamberlain's first commission.
A. Regular edition, 100 copies.

B. Deluxe edition, 25 copies in leather, with extra suite of illustrations in rear pocket.
1977 Miniature POEMS OF LIFE, by Emily Dickinson.
Printed by William and Raquel Ferguson.
A. Regular edition, 100 copies.


B. Deluxe edition, 25 copies bound in vellum, with illuminated initials by Nancy Chandler Edwards.
1978 Miniature NO. V-109, THE BIOGRAPHY OF A PRINTING PRESS, by Henry Morris. This is the first Checklist of the Bird & Bull Press.
A. Regular edition, 115 copies.


B. Deluxe edition, 35 copies bound in leather, with extra micro-miniature sheet tipped-in.
1979 Miniature THE REMARKABLE HISTORY OF CHICKEN LITTLE, by John Greene Chandler.
Illustrated by Janet Hobbs.
A. Regular edition, 115 copies.


B. Micro-miniature edition, 50 copies.

C. Deluxe edition, 35 copies, comprising both formats in quarter leather bindings and slipcase. Hand-colored illustrations.
1979 Miniature A BESTIARY, by Sarah Chamberlain.
Illustrated with original woodcuts by Chamberlain.
A. Regular edition, 90 copies. Two binding states: i) 25 copies in hand-painted paste papers with matching dust wrapper; ii) 65 copies in marbled papers with matching dust wrapper.

B. Deluxe edition, 35 copies bound in orange silk, with extra suite of engravings. Slipcase.
1980 Miniature Manuscript AN ALPHABET BOOK, by Nancy Chandler Edwards.
Exquisitely painted manuscript fusing letters with objects.
30 copies completed from a projected edition of 40. Bound in blue morocco.
1981 Miniature THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, by Edgar Allan Poe.
Illustrated by Linnea Gentry.
A. Regular edition, 125 copies.

B. Deluxe edition, 35 copies in deluxe black inlaid morocco binding with box. Title and colophon hand-colored.
1982 Miniature Manuscript TWELVE OF HEARTS, by Robert Gould and Colleen.
Edition of 36 copies, with paintings by Gould and calligraphy by Colleen. Bound in white vellum.
1983 Miniature THE ECLECTIC ABECEDARIUM, Edward Gorey.
This is Edward Gorey's first miniature.
A. Regular edition, 300 copies.

B. Deluxe edition, 100 copies, of which 80 were for sale. Hand-colored illustrations by Gorey and special binding with slipcase.
1983 Miniature

Only miniature of Ashendene Press.
150 copies printed on the Ashendene Albion handpress from the original photo-engraved plates of the Press. Bound as the extremely rare original edition (less then ten copies) in burnt orange morocco. Protective box.
1984 Miniature Manuscript A GARDEN COMPANION, by Melissa Sweet.
Whimsical painted alphabet, incorporating the letters within a garden setting.
Edition of 30 copies. Bound in red morocco with the alphabet in gold on front cover. Protective box.
1984 Miniature First Edition MARK TWAIN COMPLIMENTS THE PRESIDENTS WIFE, by Samuel L. Clemens.
A. Regular edition, 150 copies.

B. Deluxe edition, 50 copies bound in brown morocco, with hand-colored title and colophon.
1984 Private Press Vellum

THE MYSTIQUE OF VELLUM, by Richard Bigus, Decherd Turner, Colin Franklin, and Anne Bromer.
Printed by Richard Bigus.
A. Regular edition, 225 copies on handmade paper, with specimen sheet on parchment. Cloth binding and box.


B. Deluxe edition, 13 copies printed entirely on parchment, with specimen leaf on vellum. Illuminated initial lettering by Thomas Ingmire. Bound in burgundy morocco with suede-lined morocco folding case.
Edition of 750 copies in printed wrappers.
1986 Miniature SHALL I DIE? SHALL I FLY?, by William Shakespeare.
Printed by John Kristensen, calligraphy by Suzanne Moore, binding by Donald Glaister.
A. Regular edition, 125 copies.


B. Deluxe edition, 35 copies with illuminated initials and in designer morocco binding with slipcase.
1987 Miniature Catalog

Full-color catalog designed by Gunnar Kaldewey. First collection of miniature designer bindings to be offered for sale. Represented are whimsical, typographic, abstract, and symbolic examples from the world's leading bookbinders. The catalog, housed in a plastic CD-type case, received a certificate of merit from the Printing Industries of America. We continue to commission designer bindings on miniature books and welcome your inquiries.
1989 Miniature Q.R.V., by Edward Gorey.
Edward Gorey's second and final miniature.
A. Regular edition, 400 copies.

B. Deluxe edition, 110 copies, of which 85 were for sale. Hand-colored in metallic inks. Housed in slipcase.
2001 Private Press

STRINGS ATTACHED, by Anne C. Bromer.
Joint publication of the Boston Public Library and the Society of Printers. Designed by John Kristensen and printed at Wild Carrot Press. Binding by Paul Parisi. Limited to 500 copies.
2007 Trade Publication

MINIATURE BOOKS: 4,000 YEARS OF TINY TREASURES, by Anne C. Bromer and Julian I. Edison. Published by Harry N. Abrams in association with The Grolier Club.
A. Regular edition.

B. Deluxe edition, 200 copies for sale, signed by the authors and including a facsimile of the book in miniature format, together in a specially designed slipcase.
2011 Trade Publication

A. Regular edition, distributed by Oak Knoll Press.

B. Deluxe edition, 40 copies for sale, signed by the bibliographer and numbered, with a previously unpublished poem by Huxley.


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