Now on view in Bromer Gallery

Nostalgia + Solastalgia: Works by Anneli Skaar

Announcement for Anneli Skaar's exhibition, "Nostalgia + Solastalgia: Works by Anneli Skaar," presents, all at once, an archive of environmental exploitation and an art of hope for a reclaimed future. Skaar, a resident of Maine, creates multimodal artist’s books, and out of these come paintings, paper flowers, and objects that together form an interactive display, so that the audience directly engages with literature, the historical archive, and the relationship between bookmaking and the Earth.

"Nostalgia + Solastalgia" conceptualizes Skaar’s body of work as concerned with both past and future, the nostalgic longing for a world that no longer exists and the solastalgic emotional and existential distress caused by environmental change and its threat to the world to come. Interwoven are patterns of movement and migration, to which Skaar is herself no stranger. A first generation American, at eighteen years old Skaar moved from the Bay Area to her ancestral home of Norway to attend the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. She has exhibited her work in Norway, and participated in residencies on board a container ship headed from Maine to Iceland and in Greenland’s glacier region. Her work is in permanent collections worldwide, including at the Boston Athenaeum, the Fram Museum in Oslo, and the United Nations Library & Archives in Geneva.

"Nostalgia + Solastalgia: Works by Anneli Skaar" will be on exhibit from February 20 to June 7, 2024.

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