XI LXIVMOS: Memoirs of a Bibliomidget

by Anne C. Bromer

Winner of the 2016 Miniature Book Society Competition
Distinguished Book Award


Eleven sixty-four mos: Memoirs of a Bibliomidget

Twenty-six years after their last publication, Anne Bromer has written a memoir of the eleven printed miniature books she produced with her husband and partner David from 1977 to 1989. She relates brief stories of pleasure, coincidence, and difficulty for each book, followed by a detailed bibliographic description.

Jointly published by Heavenly Monkey, in Vancouver, Canada, and Bromer Booksellers of Boston, Massachusetts, the book is now available for order.

Set in 8-point Centaur and Arrighi types, the miniature book comprises 72 pages and measures 2 3/4 by 2 1/4 inches. Both editions were designed and printed at Heavenly Monkey and bound by Sarah Creighton. The decorations and vine patterns were designed by Francesca Lohmann.

The regular edition of 85 copies (1-85) is printed on Somerset Book paper and bound in a printed vine-patterned paper over boards. Seventy of these copies are available from Bromer Booksellers priced at $150 and can be ordered here.

The deluxe edition of 35 copies (I-XXXV) is printed on F.J. Head handmade paper. Each copy includes sample leaves from four Bromer miniatures. Original calligraphy on the title page by Lohmann. Bound in full leather with the vine pattern stamped in gilt. Issued in a folding box. This edition is now sold out.

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