Remembering Julian I. Edison

By Anne C. Bromer

Julian and Anne at the opening of their exhibit at the Boston Public Library.We are deeply saddened by the passing of Julian Edison, who was a great and good man and a giant in the world of miniature books.

For fifty years, Julian wrote about miniature books through his wonderfully informative Miniature Book News. He covered every topic of interest and traveled to every country where miniatures are prized. He interviewed and fostered relationships with collectors, printers, artists, librarians, publishers, and those of us who buy and sell miniature books.

I was privileged to know Julian for most of my bookselling career, perhaps all fifty years of it. He believed in our business in an active way, and I am proud to have co-authored Miniature Books: 4000 Years of Tiny Treasures with him. It was his unparalleled collection of miniatures that formed the foundation for that book, which is now the standard in the field.

I never met a person with a more curious intellect than Julian Edison. Once he heard about a connection to miniature books, he pursued it. There wasn’t an important miniature at auction that he didn’t know about. He was usually the buyer, and we were at times his agent. He would then write about the book and its broader significance in MBN for all to learn about and enjoy.

Thank you, Julian, for years of friendship, of support both in business and in our personal lives, and for sharing the love of the miniature books that you so dearly cherished.

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