Print Catalogues


Catalogue 135: New Acquisitions

This group of new acquisitions contains a wide variety of material, including an early experiment with X-ray imaging; a lettered copy of Edward Gorey's The Sopping Thursday, with original artwork; the only example of Ernest Hemingway's high school writing to appear on the market; and a previously unknown, unrecorded eighteenth-century miniature prayer book. These, and many more items, were on display at the 44th California International Antiquarian Book Fair, February 11-13, 2011. This catalog was selected as the Pick of the Week by Ibookcollector.

Catalogue 134: Miniature Books

Catalogue 134 contains a wide variety of new miniature books, from almanacs and diminutive livres de artiste, to a set of Shakespeare's Works, published by David Bryce and bound in many bright colors of morocco.

Catalogue 133: New Acquisitions

This selection of recently acquired items includes several works about the book arts and papermaking, brilliant Art Deco pochoir portfolios, miniature books, a treatise on French landscape architecture, and much more.

All Our Yesterdays

Although people approach book collecting in myriad ways, one common unifying thread among collectors has to do with the way in which they began collecting: the memory of a book from their formative years, and the desire to own it again. The following selection was gathered with this in mind: books that have shaped thought, entertained us, provoked us, and made us better for having read them. This catalog was selected as the Pick of the Week by Ibookcollector.

Catalogue 132: Wonders! The Books and Objects of Childhood

Catalogue 132 contains our entire stock of juvenile books, games, toys, artwork, and reference books. This includes paper dolls, puzzles, moveable books, optical toys, chapbooks, original artwork for works of children's literature, music and nursery rhymes, and shaped books. Take a look and rediscover a piece of your own childhood.