E-catalogue 49: Finely Printed Shakespeare

Although no census exists for how many Shakespeare titles have been printed in fine press editions over the centuries, one imagines that number to be significant. After all, Shakespeare’s influence on English language and culture is so deep and wide-ranging that to state it borders on a tautology.
We are pleased to present an e-list featuring a small piece of Shakespeare's oeuvre in fine print. It is a selection as wide-ranging as Shakespeare’s influence, representing presses from Doves to Caliban and sizes ranging from the sublime to the half-inch!

Woodcut Books and Prints

In conjunction with the Bromer Gallery show "Goldman and Lee: Shadow and Color," we also have a small exhibit of woodcut books and prints on view in our book showroom. This group contains items from many of our specialty areas, including children's books, early examples of printing, both as complete works and incorporated into leaf books, and books and prints by fine presses, from a Pre-Raphaelite-inspired Dutch title, to two deluxe editions of David Esslemont's publications, Chili Recipe and Pizza from Scratch

Movable and Pop-up Books

There is something undeniably magical about opening a book with elements that move or change thanks to clever paper engineering. With that in mind, we present the following fine selection of recently acquired movable and pop-up books with a pleasure bordering on that of a child receiving one of these as a gift. Featured in this e-catalogue are books, toys, and cards produced between the 19th and 21st centuries by notable publishers and paper engineers, such as Dean & Son, A. Capendu, and Vojtech Kubasta.

Summer E-catalogue 3

Heading into the heart of summer, the swelter of August just ahead, we present a small diversion in the form of the last in our series of short lists highlighting a diverse selection of moderately-priced new acquisitions. Some of the notable items in this latest group are: a 19th-century English history game originally sold to benefit women prisoners; an erotic story set among the Amish, illustrated by Mahlon Blaine; a catalogue of Art-Deco jewelry issued by a noted Belgian jeweler and illustrated by an American artist; and a French anti-fascist children’s book.

June Miscellany

With summer just peering from around the corner, we continue our ongoing series of e-catalogues featuring moderately-priced new acquisitions from across our subject specialties. From alphabets to papermaking, we hope you will find something here that is as irresistible as a warm, dry, sunny day.

Late Spring Bouquet of Books

Things are finally blooming here in Boston, and to celebrate, we are offering the first in a series of short lists containing an eclectic selection of moderately-priced books across our subject specialties.

The Works of Edward Gorey

Explore our e-catalogue of Gorey material, including a wide range of Gorey’s primary works, in addition to many works he illustrated for others. Here can also be found an array of etchings, prints, and posters. And what Gorey collection would not be complete without bean bag toys—the fabric embodiment of the artist’s playful, erudite imagination.

New York Antiquarian Book Fair 2018

Visit us in Booth E33 at the 2018 New York Antiquarian Book Fair to view fresh material in our specialty areas, including beautifully printed private press books, rare children’s books and optical toys, miniature books, and an excellent selection of works by Edward Gorey. We will also have works of science fiction from our recent Catalogue 147.