E-catalogue 16: Bound to be Enjoyed

In the spirit of a season in which 'tis better to give than to receive, we offer a choice selection of books attractively bound in leather. The books listed here represent all our specialty areas: from the first edition of Gay's fables to be illustrated by Thomas Bewick, to the earliest presentation copies of Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno and Sylvie and Bruno Revisited, to a miniature manuscript of FDR's inaugural address. All are in fine collector's condition; any one would make a welcome addition to the library of the discerning bibliophile on your gift list.

E-catalogue 15: A Gathering of Letters

The alphabet is the subject of our latest e-catalogue, and in the process of gathering the books in this list, we couldn't help but notice that they touched on nearly all of our specialties. Among the thirty-six examples of ABC books is Christopher's Book, written and illustrated by Sir Alec Guinness's wife, Merula Salaman, an extremely rare and unrecorded miniature book, The Golden Alphabet, and 28 Characters, 4 Men, 10 Women, 5 Boys and 8 Girls, a playful work produced in 2010 in an edition of five copies. We hope you find something of interest in our gathering of letters.