Fine Printing

Cantica Natalia, the largest book produced by the St. Dominic's Press

Bromer Bookseller has always held the aesthetic of letterpress printing as the finest technique in which to present the written word. We offer many fine examples of printing from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, as well as earlier printed items. On our shelves, you will the find traditional, restrained typography of Bruce Rogers and John Baskerville, as well as more experimental work from such modern practitioners as Gunnar Kaldewey. Other leading printers represented in our stock include Allen, Arion, Bremer, Cranach, Gogmagog, Golden Cockerel, Grabhorn, Victor Hammer, and others listed below.

A leaf from the unpublished folio edition of Sigurd, by the Kelmscott PressIn particular, we specialize in the three great English presses of the turn-of-the-century, known collectively as "The Triple Crown". The Kelmscott Press of William Morris, St. John Hornby's Ashendene Press, and the Doves Press of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson countered mass production during the Industrial Revolution with beautiful book creations in limited editions. We recently sold the most comprehensive collection of Triple Crown material assembled by an American collector to Washington University in St. Louis. This collection included nearly every book and ephemeral item, known and unrecorded, produced by the three presses, along with related correspondence.

In every period of printing history, the masters have printed copies of special books on vellum. The Triple Crown printers revived the use of vellum for their deluxe editions and influenced other fine printers to do the same. Book collectors avidly pursue these copies for their brilliance and their clarity. Vellum printing is a specialty at Bromer Booksellers, and in 1984, we published the major book on the subject, The Mystique of Vellum, copies of which are available in the regular edition at $550.00. 

Other leading printers and presses in our stock (sample list):

Arabian Nights by the Allen Press, with Arabic printed in 23-carat gold leafBird & Bull Press, Cheloniidae Press,
Daniel Press, W.A. Dwiggins,
Eragny Press, Essex House Press,
Fleece Press, Gregynog Press, Janus Press,
Kaldewey Editions, Limited Editions Club,
Merrymount Press, Nonesuch Press,
Officina Bodoni, Pennyroyal Press,
St. Dominic's Press, Stanbrook Abbey Press,
Vale Press, Warwick Press, Whittington Press,
Yolla Bolly Press.