Item #23080 Efsun Çiçegi (Enchanting Beauty Flowers).

Efsun Çiçegi (Enchanting Beauty Flowers).

Barutçugil, Hikmet (illus.)

(Istanbul): Ebristan Yayinlari, 2003. Original marbled paper by the premier marbling artist in Turkey, Hikmet Barutçugil. Signed and dated by the artist. Ebru, or marbling, is one of the oldest arts in Turkey. In addition to being used in book binding and design, it was often used as a background for calligraphy. In this way, marbling was elevated to a high art. Ever since its fifteenth-century beginnings, artists in Turkey (and around the world) have experimented with marbling in order to create increasingly complex designs, which are works of art in their own right.

Barutcugil has developed his own technique for creating flowers within his marbled patterns, inspired by his wife, Füsun Hanim. In this lovely example, four tulips in lavender and violet bloom against a marbled background in shades of green, pink, blue, and violet. The marbling transitions from delicate washes of green to bolder, defined lines which evoke mountains and sky. Barutcgil's limitless creativity and passion for this traditional art is clear in his work. The paper has been mounted onto a stiff cardboard backing. Measures 18 by 9 inches. A very fine example of Turkish marbling, which is offered with "Efsun Cicergi," Barutcugil's fully illustrated text on Efsun Flowers. Item #23080

Price: $500.00