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Kaldewey, Gunnar (illus.)

Poestenkill, NY: Kaldewey Press, 1992. Folio. (32)pp. From an edition of 57 copies, this is one of twelve deluxe copies with an extra suite of illustrations and bound in leather. Signed by both Kaldewey and Mary Caponegro. The regular edition of this book was made of three oblong books of varying sizes: the largest presenting the tale of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid's Metamorphoses in the original Latin; the second largest containing a retelling of the story in English from Daphne's point of view, written by the American writer Mary Caponegro; and the last serving as a colophon, which explains the history of Ovid's stories and provides insight into Kaldewey's creative process and his collaboration with Caponegro. It was printed onto large sheets that were then cut and bound separately into the three volumes. This deluxe edition uses the uncut sheets, so that all three texts appear together on each page. The uncut form lets the bold stripes, geometric shapes, and abstract swaths of color shine in their truest form, uninterrupted. Framed by the straightforward text of the colophon and English story, the orientation of the Latin text becomes increasingly dynamic as the story progresses toward the moment of transformation, which is expressed with a green explosion of ink and lines of text that radiate out from the center fold. The extra suite of prints, printed in purple, red, and black on Chinese paper, is bound in. Binding by Cornelia Ahnert of Chemnitz, Germany of flexible brown calf with the Tower of Poestenkill in gold to the upper cover. Protected by a chemise and slipcase. A characteristically imaginative presentation from Gunnar Kaldewey. Extremely fine. Item #27111

(Edition Kaldewey 19).

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