Item #29095 Christmas-themed die-cut paper doll set.
Christmas-themed die-cut paper doll set.
(Paper Dolls)

Christmas-themed die-cut paper doll set.

(Germany): S & C, (c. 1920). Three die-cut figures: two Santas and a Christmas Tree. Each figure stands 5 3/4" high, with an easel back and fold at the bottom. The two Santa figures are holding a doll, teddy bear, jester, and Christmas bush, and one is in his traditional red greatcoat and hat, trimmed in fur, while the other sports a blue coat and hat. When opened, the three figures reveal a die-cut paper doll of a little girl—each of which is holding a doll. The little girls each have four numbered outfits, plus hats and an extra toy or two. The interior of the folders have slots for housing the dolls and their costumes, and each folder is marked at the base "S. & C. No. 380" with the letter A, B, or C. Given the nature of its construction, and the audience for which it was intended, having all three cards together is quite rare. Blue Santa separated at base with minimal stabilizing reinforcement; Christmas tree may be lacking top branch with star; one doll set lacks a hat. Item #29095

Price: $1,750.00

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