(Bijou Book Hoshino)

The Ants.

Tokyo: Bijou Book Hoshino. 48; 20pp. One of 200 copies. This parent and child set of miniature books was recorded as the world's smallest book in the 1982 Guinness Book of World Records. The "child" book measures a mere 1.4 millimeters square, and contains two Japanese nursery songs entitled "Ants" and "A Train." In addition to providing an enlarged version of the "child" book, the larger book also explains how the book was made. The book's creation was painstakingly slow, and Hoshino could only bind one book a day. In the Miniature Book News, Julian Edison quotes Hoshino as saying, "The most difficult thing is to control my breathing. I must be very careful when breathing through my nose because the tiny piece of paper I am working on will be blown away." Appropriately, the set is accompanied by a magnifying glass. The larger book is bound in dark green gilt-stamped leather, and on the cover is a silver inset where the tiny "child" book is housed. The set is housed in a matching slipcase, blind-stamped with "overseas edition." Extremely fine. (MBN 44). ("Parent" book and magnifying glass measure 1 1/8 by 1 1/16; 29x27mm). Item #30185

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