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Flowers of the Four Seasons.

Tokyo: Toppan, 2012. (22)pp. One of 250 copies. This ultra-microminiature book, published by the Toppan Printing Company for the Printing Museum in Tokyo, was named the smallest printed book in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in January 2013. Printed by intaglio, the .75mm-square book contains black & white illustrations of Japanese flowers for each of the four seasons. These include plum and cherry blossoms for spring, lilies and sunflowers for summer, chrysanthemum and cosmos for fall, and camellias and daffodils for winter. Four types of characters are used for the text: Japanese hiragana and katakana characters, Chinese characters, and Roman letters. Even smaller text is hidden in some of the illustrations, with the lines measuring a mere ten microns wide in the micro-book (one micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter). The ultrafine prepress and printing techniques employed by Toppan in the production of this micro-book were originally developed for securities and electronics products, including the prevention of currency forgery. Together with a loupe and an enlarged copy of the micro-book. Bound in limp navy blue sheepskin. The micro-book is housed within a compartment in a round plastic case that can be opened or sealed by means of a clear, rotating cover. The enlarged book is also bound in navy sheepskin, gilt-decorated with the title in Japanese characters and a design of a butterfly and flower. The set is housed in a blue velvet-lined case stamped with the Printing Museum's logo in silver, and an additional box stamped "Microbook." (Micro-book measures .75x.75mm; enlarged book measures 3/4 by 3/4, 12x12mm). Item #30231

Price: $750.00

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