Uluhaimalama: Legacies of Lili'uokalani. Allison Leialoha Milham.
Uluhaimalama: Legacies of Lili'uokalani.
(Indigenous Lives)

Uluhaimalama: Legacies of Lili'uokalani.

Milham, Allison Leialoha (illus.)

Tallahassee, FL: Small Craft Advisory Press, 2012. Square small quarto. From an edition of 50, this is one of 10 deluxe copies, signed by the artist, Allison Leialoha Milham. A multimedia compilation of a twelve-inch vinyl record, bifold lyric sheet, stencil, 24pp. booklet on handmade paper, set of four postcards, and kit for making a lei ku’e (protest lei). At once a celebration of Hawai’i’s history and a call for continued activism against neocolonialism, Milham’s work weaves Hawai’i’s rich musical and visual heritage with its national pride, revealing its complex, often problematic, relationship with the United States. The record bears Milham’s own renditions of twelve songs composed by Queen Lili’uokalani, the last queen of Hawai’i before its annexation. The record’s sleeve is printed with the signatures of Native Hawai’ians who gave their names to the 1897-98 “Ku’e” Anti-annexation Petitions. The accompanying lyric sheet is printed letterpress in both English and Hawai’ian in type specially crafted after the penmanship of Queen Lili’uokalani. The stencil is laser-cut to show an image of the queen along with her motto, “’Onipa’a,” meaning “To remain steadfast.” The booklet, which is bound in gray illustrated wrappers, offers a brief history of Hawai’i, from pre-colonization to today, with particular focus on the queen’s life and her lasting influence on continued struggles for sovereignty. Milham’s emphasis on imperialism continues in the postcard set, which pairs typical tourist imagery with the text “Hawaii / A nation under illegal U.S. occupation since 1898.” These are held in a paper folio closed with a paper ribbon reading “Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana / Let the story be told.” Lastly, the lei kit includes forty-nine small flowers printed in the same pattern as the petition signatures on the record sleeve. All housed in a partitioned box, covered in handmade cotton/abaca paper with a blind-embossed leather spine. The box interior bears more text, including references for more information on Hawai’ian justice, instructions for assembling the lei, the colophon, and a brief exposition on Uluhaimalama, the garden created by Queen Lili’uokalani as a gathering place for Native Hawai’ians during the period of annexation. Very fine. Item #30420

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