(Lord, John Vernon)

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Lord, John Vernon (illus.)

London: Artists' Choice Editions, 2011. Quarto. 138, (6)pp. From an edition of 420, this is one of ten "Exemplary" copies, bound in full leather and accompanied by a suite of four prints and a copy of Lord's List: A Selection of Publications by John Vernon Lord. Signed by Lord at the colophon. The illustrations—some full-page, some intertextual, some marginal—balance the lush surrealism and quirky childishness of Carroll's text. His play between styles likewise mirrors the instability of the story. Some images are more straightforward woodcuts, while others adopt Escher-like illusion, photoreproductive accuracy, or collage. Story introduced by Selwyn Goodacre. Printed in black, blue, and orange. Bound in full black leather with chessboard design and gilt pawn at front cover. Housed with additional materials in folding case, with mirrored interior lid. Fine. Item #30492

Price: $1,750.00

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