Kuthan's Menagerie of Interesting Zoo Animals. George Kuthan.
Kuthan's Menagerie of Interesting Zoo Animals.

Kuthan's Menagerie of Interesting Zoo Animals.

Kuthan, George (illus.)

Vancouver, BC: Nevermore Press/Heavenly Monkey, 1960 (but 2003). Quarto. (12)ff. One of fifty copies. George Kuthan’s colorful linocuts of animals, from the flamingo to the penguin to the raccoon, joyfully celebrate the diversity of the earth’s inhabitants. By representing the variety of creatures found at the zoo, Kuthan comments more largely on the necessary individuality of humans. In his preface, he states, “There are so many different races, different colors of skin—black, white, yellow, red—and so many different languages, religions, ways of life and thought. What a disastrous picture it would be if we were all alike and if all animals and plants were alike. What a dull zoo it would be!”

A true enfranchisement of differences, the book itself was a multicultural production: Kuthan was from Czechoslovakia, the printer, Ib Kristensen, was from Denmark, the compositor, Gus Rueter, was from Holland, the binder, Fritz Brunn, was from Germany, the paper and type were from England, the binding paper is Japanese, and the leather, Oasis Niger, is from Nigeria by way of England. These disparate creators came together in Vancouver at the press of Robert and Felicity Reid. The original edition, to be bound by Brunn, was left incomplete at his death in 1973, and the “lost” sheets were recomposed thirty years later by Rollin Milroy at Heavenly Monkey. In addition to the original, unbound copy, this edition contains a new title page, preface, and colophon, which is signed by Robert Reid. Housed in a black paper chemise with Kuthan’s ant linocuts blind embossed on the front. Held in a dropback box lined in red silk. Fine. Heavenly Monkey prospectus and extra sheets laid in. Item #30494

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