"Racism is still with us..." Rosa Parks.
(Black Lives)

"Racism is still with us..."

Kennedy, Jr., Amos Paul (illus.)

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., (2005-2018). Letterpress poster, from Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.'s series honoring Rosa Parks. Each installment in this series highlights Parks’s determination, humanity, and honesty, upholding her persistent activism and uplifting her famous, yet sanitized, moment of refusal to bow to segregation. The masterful technique of layering colorful wood type used by Kennedy, the 2021 APHA Individual Laureate, brings a visual echo to Parks’s words, crafting a literal resonance to match Parks’s historical one. The multidimensional terrain of text is designed so that the viewer cannot look at the same image twice; one day they may look at it in a new way or notice a new word, so that the poster and its proverb become active vessels for study and reflection. Fine. Framed. (19 by 12 1/2 in.). Item #30506

Price: $300.00

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