(Gorey, Edward)

Bat Bean Bag Toy.

Gorey, Edward (illus.)

(Middle Falls, NY: Toy Works), 1980. This bean bag bat with wings outstretched measures approximately fifteen inches from wingtip to wingtip. The fabric is printed with a black & white crosshatched pattern that is shaded on the wings and body to give the figure more dimensionality, evoking Gorey’s characteristic drawing style. The wings are stiffened and stitched along the folds. The bat also has glittering red rhinestone eyes. This is one of five bean bag animals in a collection designed by Edward Gorey and produced by Toy Works; it is also the largest of these toys. Although the toys in this series are not all necessarily characters from Gorey’s works, this bat appears to be inspired by his designs for his Tony Award-winning 1977 production of Dracula. Fine. Item #30968

(Toledano, p. 153).

Price: $250.00