10 Casos. Nabil Gonzalez.
10 Casos.
10 Casos.
(Social Justice)

10 Casos.

Gonzalez, Nabil (illus.)

(Providence, RI): RISD, 2015. Octavo. (11)ff. Unique. Signed by the artist. Ten photopolymer plates depict, in a hazy brown palette, gruesome photos of unidentified female bodies found on the outskirts of the border town Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The images' abstractness evokes the frightening yet fascinating intermingling of life and death; the lines are definitive, but the shapes are not, similar to the surrealism of an ultrasound of a newborn or the pixelation of a hurriedly taken newspaper photograph of a crime scene. Each image is accompanied by a Spanish word that describes the state or condition in which the body was found.

The victims represent only a small number of women and girls killed in a series of murders carried out primarly between 1993 to 2005, but continuing through the present day. The femicides, known as "Las Muertas de Juarez," consist of hundreds of victims. The contributing factors to these systemic murders include organized crime and drug trafficking, exploitative labor, the devaluation of workers under the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the violent expression of hypermasculinity, especially in response to a growing female workforce. Added to these is governmental negligence to bring justice for the victims and protect women living in the area. Nabil Gonzalez's work here brings all these forces to bear upon the ten victims it presents, positioning them as a grievous background to the center of attention, the women themselves. The reader must themselves dig for the bodies through literal layers of paper, hair, and sand from Ciudad Juarez, and through metaphorical layers of despair, anger, sociocultural misogyny, and political gamesmanship. It is an indiscriminately truthful monument.

Plates printed on Zerkall paper with Xerox transferred text. Sheets glazed with beeswax, and interleaved with hair and sand. Held in wood drop-back box decorated with gold leaf and more sand. Fine. Item #31117

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