(Moser, Barry)

Group of items relating to Barry Moser's illustrations for the Arion Press Moby-Dick.

Moser, Barry (illus.)

(c. 1980). A small collection of items connected with Barry Moser's contributions to the Arion Press Moby-Dick, containing a calligraphic sample, a wood block of the whale tailpiece, and four copies of an announcement for Moser's lecture on the illustration of Moby-Dick at Amherst College on April 2, 1981. The whale motif, as featured on the block, also appears on the announcement. Moser's artwork for the Arion Press edition of Moby-Dick stands as one of the highspots of the Press' publications. It is one of the most lauded artistic interpretations of Herman Melville's masterpiece, rivalling that of Rockwell Kent. Moser's woodcuts capture the gothic and the wondrous power of Melville's monstrous whale, and obtain all the more vivacity by being presented in concert with exhibits of Moser's calligraphic hand. On the recto, the present sample shows Melville's narrator's cries to the muses of artistic labor: "Oh, Time, Strength, Cash, & Patience." On the verso, Moser supplies what could be considered a more modern version, expletive included. All materials fine. Item #31182

Price: $2,500.00

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