(Moser, Barry)

The Four Gospels.

Moser, Barry (illus.)

(1991). Four woodcut prints measuring 31 1/4 by 26 in. Each is one of thirty-five copies, and they each feature one of the symbols of the four evangelists of the New Testament: an angelic man for Matthew, a lion for Mark, a bull for Luke, and an eagle for John. The name of each evangelist appears in Greek in a box at the lower portion of the image. Moser's bold linework and thoughtful composition are fully apparent across the series. The eyes of each figure gaze with watery intensity, and heavy strokes grant life-like and tender texture to hide and hair. The images recall the gothic reverence with which Moser imbued his illustrations for his Pennyroyal Press Bible. All are in fine condition, matted and framed. Item #31188

Price: $6,500.00

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