An Anatomical Exercise. Sarah Hulsey.
An Anatomical Exercise.
An Anatomical Exercise.
(Hulsey, Sarah)

An Anatomical Exercise.

Hulsey, Sarah (illus.)

Somerville, MA: Sarah Hulsey, 2018. Single accordion sheet, affixed to paper wrapper cover. One of 50 copies. Signed and numbered by the artist. A poetic visualization of William Harvey's treatise on the circulation of blood in the body, Hulsey's book unfurls to reveal two pathways of blood, one in lighter red and on in darker, the branches of which terminate in words and clauses from an excerpt from Harvey's text. First published in Latin in 1628 under the title "Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis," Harvey's research was a landmark of its time; it was translated by Richard Lowndes into English in 1653, and that translation is used here.

Designed, printed, and bound by Hulsey. Text hand set in Bulmer metal type and printed letterpress. Drawings printed from polymer plates. Mint. Item #31567

Price: $225.00

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