Item #31919 Original wood block for "Divine Lovers"
Original wood block for "Divine Lovers"
(Gill, Eric)

Original wood block for "Divine Lovers"

Gill, Eric (illus.)

1924. Measures 4 by 3 15/16 inches. Intaglio engraving on hard endgrain boxwood, so that the finish mimics a copper engraving. This process is discussed in detail in an article by Gill entitled "Intaglio Printing from Wood Blocks." This image is a slightly different version of an engraving Gill made in 1922 (cf. Physick 193); this one appeared as the frontispiece for Morals and Marriage: The Catholic Background to Sex by T.G. Wayne, which was published in 1936 (cf. Evan Gill 295). With Gill's initials etched on the block back, along with his original catalogue number "603". Mounted with dowels to a beveled wooden plinth. Item #31919

(Physick 915).

Price: $9,500.00