(Miniature Cards)

De Waarzegster: Mad'elle Lenormand en, Napoleon.

(Netherlands: c. 1835). Thirty-six fortune-telling cards, each one copper-engraved and showing at its upper half a playing card and at its lower half a portentious scene. The cards numbered, but their numbers do not necesarrily correpsond to the playing cards they feature. The playing-card images themselves vary from the familiar, using the usual four suits and arranging the suit icons according to the card's value (e.g. two columns of three diamonds for the six of diamonds), to the imaginative, casting the figures of the face cards into more uncommon or obscure poses. Of particular strangeness are the "ace" cards (nos. 25, 28, 29, and 31), which show figures actually handling the suit icons. In the case of card no. 29, a boy uses the spade as an actual spade, and on card no. 31 a man in a top hat carries a diamond in his grip. An intriguing, tarot-like set, which in its allusion to Mademoiselle Lenormand, invites the user to practice their cartomancy, just as the titular figure did for the courts of Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I and for the leaders of the French Revolution. Held in slipcase with paper labels providing title (recto) and instructions (verso). All cards present. Slight stain to verso label of slipcase, which has bled to the outer edges of a few cards, else fine. Item #31981

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