Item #32103 Poster for the Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery.
(Government: Justice/Injustice)

Poster for the Committee to Abolish Prison Slavery.

(González, Louie) (illus.)

Berkeley, CA: Royal Chicano Air Force, 1977. Poster. A provocative border of chains circling outstretched hands provides sharp visual contrast to the two quotations set within it. The first quotation cites the United States Constitution's 13th Amendment, which abolishes slavery, and the second pulls from Abraham Lincoln's 1862 Emancipation Proclamation. The ideals of abolition and the realities of the American prison system are here set in high relief, attesting that although outlawed for over 100 years, slavery remains a cruel, integral part of the judicial system, which demands free labor from the incarcerated, who may have been sentenced unjustly and for nonviolent offenses.

The Royal Chicano Air Force, founded in 1969 and initially called the Rebel Chicano Air Front, was, and still is, an artistic activist organization. Originating as part of the Chicano movement with the aim of enfranchisement for migratory farm workers, it now embraces broader goals toward the preservation of Chicano culture, and the continued struggle for equal rights and representation for the Chicano community.

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