Item #32111 "I Want You Controlled"
(Government: Justice/Injustice)

"I Want You Controlled"

Brady, Mike (illus.)

Ann Arbor, MI: People's Hard Drugs Committee, (c. 1975). Poster. An ominous image, showing Uncle Sam opening an enormous pill, the contents of which—needles and yet more pills—bury a crowd. Those unburied drag the inert bodies of the victims out of the rubble. A riff on the "controlled substance" designation, the poster suggests that instead of the substances themselves, it is the users who are controlled, trapped within a system with enough resources to serve them but not enough resources to free them, thus keeping addicted citizens on a short leash to a greedy government. The illustrator, Mike Brady, frequently leant his artwork to posters for rock concerts taking place in Michigan, particularly at Michigan colleges. Here he sets his hand to the task for the People's Hard Drugs Committee, likely affilitated with the University of Michigan. Trace creasing toward edges, else near fine. A striking image, still relevant to today's opiod crisis and all its implications. Framed. (22 by 17 in.). Item #32111

Price: $650.00

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