Item #33093 "A Bibliophile in His Library"
(Gorey, Edward)

"A Bibliophile in His Library"

Gorey, Edward (illus.)

(NY: Gotham Book Mart, c. 1996). From an edition of 776, this is a Roman numeral copy that appears to be separate from the lettered issue of 26, signed by Gorey. This lithograph is often mistakenly referred to as "Man with Cats." The reason for this colloquial title is immediately apparent, as the image shows a mustachioed man sitting snugly in a chair with his feet up on an ottoman while reading a book. He is backed by a full bookcase, and curled up all around him, including on the shelves of the bookcase and in his lap, are six happily snoozing cats - the quintessential Gorey image. Print measures 12 by 8 inches. Fine. Item #33093

Price: $1,750.00