E-Catalogue 57: On the Decoration of Paper

We are pleased to offer a well-balanced collection of books on the subject of paper decoration—from marbling in all its forms, to paste-paper. The bulk of the material in this collection came from the library formed by Charles A. Rheault, past president of the Society of Printers, and an old friend and longtime customer. Charlie worked at Riverside Press in his early years as a printer, where he also, according to his own notes, spent some time in the bindery marbling the edges of the giant unabridged Webster’s Dictionary. That experience formed the basis of his interest in marbling, and he sought out books outlining techniques for paper decoration, the history of the craft, and sample books from well-known marblers and paste-paper artists, such as Karli Frigge, Christopher Weimann, and Claire Maziarczyk.

As we enter the second season of change here in New England, we hope you find something similarly transformative in your perusal.