40% Off Select Chapbooks

As the 19th-century printing industry gained traction in the United States and Great Britain, it owed much of its rapid success to, first, the arrival of a crop of young readers craving educational materials to accompany new social investments in public education, and second, incredible advancements in the technologies of mass production. These developments coalesced in the publication and trade of chapbooks, short and inexpensive texts widely circulated and read well and often. Heavy use paired with ephemeral materials makes these books quite scarce, but nonetheless crucial to the history of print, literacy, and childhood.

We are delighted to offer, then, a wide selection from our stock of chapbooks at a 40% discount. Many are quite rare, with only a few, if any, institutional holdings; others show a fascinating mixture of mass-produced text and carefully designed illustrations. They attend to a wide array of subjects: ABCs and primers, animals and nature, and biblical tales (including a hieroglyphic Bible).

As always, we hope you will take the time to browse and find something stimulating to the mind, or nostalgic to your childhood heart.