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As part of the Miniature Book Society Conclave, held in Boston in August 2014, Weston Media Center visited our shop and the home of local collector Melinda Brown to talk about miniature books. Check out the video here to see what we had to say.

On April 30th, 2014, Anne Bromer delivered a lecture at the Boston Athenaeum titled "Elizabeth Agassiz: Ahead of Her Time and of Her Time." The talk was recorded by the excellent staff at the Athenaeum, who gave us permission to share the video on our website. Go to our blog to see a video and photos of the event.

The video below shows a French sand-powered automaton in action. A mechanism patented by Xavier Therin in the nineteenth century, the sand flows past a wheel when the piece is rotated, which triggers a lever that causes the automation. In this case, the image shows a boy playing a drum and pipe while moving a pair of dancing dolls on a plank of wood with his foot. When the automation is activated, the boy bangs his drum and taps his right foot, both of which are hinged. Watch the video to see this early "motion-picture" in action!


View a large and very colorful example of a French animated shadow theater, or Ombro-Cinéma, in action by watching the video below. This optical toy employs a paper scroll printed with a panorama, which fits into the back of a box behind a sheet of acetate printed with vertical, black rules. A wind-up clockwork mechanism with a music box unrolls the scroll while music plays. The black rules on the acetate align with the illustrations as they pass by to animate the images. Scrolls for the theater are interchangeable, and this theater presents the tale of Puss in Boots, titled "Film No. 21, Le Chatte Botté."


The series of three videos below feature works by the Kaldewey Press. Owned and operated by Gunnar Kaldewey, the Press's books often employ unusual typography, layers of various kinds of hand-made paper, and unconventional shapes and bindings. In addition, many of his works incorporate sound recordings, creating a complete, multi-sensory experience. The videos below show images of the illustrations in the books while playing a sample of the accompanying aural pieces.

For more information on Gunnar Kaldewey's work, read our blog post here.





Take a look at our zoetrope in action, and then read about how it works on our blog.


Our first YouTube video, below, features four sets of Moby Dick China, designed by Rockwell Kent. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to view future videos produced at Bromer Booksellers.



View an interview of Anne and David Bromer, filmed at the New York Book Fair in 2007, here. The Bromers discuss how they got into bookselling, their role models, day-to-day operations of the business, and their current projects, including Anne's book on miniature books and David's work on his bibliography of Aldous Huxley.