Leaf Books

A product of the intersection of scholarship, fine printing, and connoisseurship, the leaf book has become, in many cases, the de facto means of accessing certain incunabula. Take, for example, the book produced by the Caxton Club in 1905 to honor its namesake, with a leaf from an incomplete copy of William Caxton's 1477 edition of The Canterbury Tales. The only complete copy to come up for sale in the last twenty-five years was in 1998; it contained leaves supplied from other copies, and the last text leaf was a facsimile. Nevertheless, it sold for $4.2 million. Likewise with a more recent book containing a leaf from the 1462 Fust and Schoeffer Bible, of which the last complete copy sold in 2002 for roughly half a million dollars.

These books not only provide entree into an exclusive strata of collecting, they also advance scholarship on the printers of these works and the society that influenced them. Very often we gain bibliographical insight into these works, as many will include a census of recorded copies. And finally, the books themselves have been produced by some of the best fine presses of the 20th century-Grabhorn Press, Plantin Press, John Henry Nash, and even Arion Press, to name but a few.

E-catalogue 47: Miniature Books

Welcome to our first miniature book e-catalogue of 2017. We have been fortunate to acquire a fine array of items, both antiquarian and modern, and across a variety of subject areas. From a group of rare 19th-century children's titles published by S.R. Urbino to A Doll's Primer—Willliam Washburn's smallest book, and from a handful of 20th-century books on various aspects of papermaking to a suite of deluxe Catharijne Press books, there is something here for all tastes and interests.

E-catalogue 46: Rare Books Make Fine Gifts

As gift-giving tends to go hand-in-hand with the holiday season, we have curated a small selection from our inventory that offers a broad subject appeal, including a number of holiday-specific items. We hope you enjoy this list, and as always, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.
During this season of giving thanks, we want to extend our gratitude to all our friends and customers, and wish everyone a happy, peaceful holiday.

E-catalogue 45: Recent Private Press Acquisitions, plus 50% sale

With summer in the rearview mirror and the Boston Book Fair visible on the horizon, we wanted to offer a preview of some of the new material we have acquired over the last few months. To this end, we have selected a group of moderately-priced items from recent purchases, including a group of late Limited Editions Club titles, a few fine Perishable Press items, and some interesting private press alphabet books.
In addition, the last nineteen items in this catalogue are press books and broadsides that we have placed on sale at 50% off the list price.

E-catalogue 44: Movable Books

In honor of the Movable Book Society conference, held in Boston last weekend, we have prepared a short list of movable books and related objects from our stock. Items range from press books to 19th-century peep shows, and we are pleased to offer them here for your perusal.

E-catalogue 43: Children's Books, Including 50% Sale

Nothing is extraneous in the material that shapes childhood: the words and pictures in books, the object of games—all these things are designed to teach something about what we are expected to become. We therefore invite you to view our latest e-catalogue, which contains nearly one hundred items that shaped generations of children, from chapbooks to miniature books, and from paper dolls to jigsaw puzzles.

One feature of this catalogue to which we would draw your attention is the section of over two dozen items that we have placed on sale. These will show a discount of 50% from the listed retail price.

E-catalogue 42: Alphabets

From a purely linguistic perspective, the alphabet offers its user as much or as little as expression warrants. In this e-catalogue, we are hoping to show the rich diversity that can be teased out of this basic building block of language. We are offering everything from an elaborately carved teacher's pointer from the early 19th century, to a stunning illuminated manuscript alphabet by Jean Midolle, the Swiss master of chromolithography. The catalogue runs the gamut from folios to miniatures, along with works on paper. Nor are we limiting this exploration to the Roman alphabet: exemplars of Hebrew and Arabic may be found here as well.

Miniature Publications of Achille J. St. Onge

Very timely as we begin this holiday season, we are offering The Night Before Christmas by Tasha Tudor, accompanied by two original watercolors from the book. Also included herein are many titles and variants by Achille J. St. Onge, any of which would make a fine holiday gift for yourself or someone special in your life.